2 Shot Molds

SunRon International, LLC is your source for manufacturing of 2-Shot Molds. A 2-Shot Mold allows for the injection of 2 different plastic resins at the same time. For example, a single plastic part can feature a softer coating on a harder plastic, or a single plastic part can feature two unique colors. Some advantage of two-shot molds over traditional plastic injection mold parts are the cost effectiveness of eliminating steps necessary to produce separate parts, as well as the improve durability compared to a design that is made up of two parts.

SunRon International, LLC works with international tool shops to ensure clients receive the best value on high quality international two-shot injection molds. We are not a broker. We manage internationally built 2-shot tools in the same manner as domestic built 2-shot molds. Our global production partners are investigated and vetted thoroughly by SunRon professional tool builders and engineers. We oversee all phases of the manufacturing of 2-shot molds: Concept, design, production, inspection and delivery.

SunRon International, LLC guarantees quality in every tool delivered.