Darrell Littrell

President & CEO

The owners, Darrell and Lorna Littrell, attribute the growth and success of the business to many factors, especially the pride and satisfaction that the workplace has in seeing that Sunrise Tool & Die, Inc. builds first-class molds.


Jarrod McGraw

Vice President
(270) 827-9335 ext. 220

Jarrod has been in the tool & die industry since 1984, starting as an apprentice in high school. After serving a 4-year apprenticeship, he received a Journeyman Tool & Die Makers certificate. In 1989, he was hired by Sunrise Tool & Die, Inc.


Lorna Littrell


Lorna, and her husband, Darrell, founded Sunrise Tool & Die in 1989. 

SunRon Sales Team


Arthur Ellis

(270) 827-9335 ext. 234

Arthur joined the SunRon International sales team in November 2006. He has been in the tool & die industry since 1984, obtaining his Journeyman’s certificate in 1989. 


Randy Trent

(270) 827-9335 ext. 230

Randy began designing molds right out of college in 1981. He rejoins the SunRon team bringing 28+ years of injection molding/product & tool design experience. As Sales Engineer and ISO representative during his previous position at Sunrise, he was involved in developing, implementing, and obtaining our ISO certification in 1998. 


Steve Hagan

(270) 827-9335 ext. 240

Steve has been in the Tool & Die Industry since 1997 and earned his certified toolmaker certificate in 2000. Steve began his career at Sunrise Tool & Die, Inc. and SunRon International in 2008, spending the majority of his time in the CNC department. He joined the SunRon sales team in January of 2011.

SunRon ANNEX Molding Division


Tony Schauberger

Plant Manager
(812) 306-4150

Tony has been working in the plastic industry since 1984. During his career he has designed plastic parts as well as plastic injection molds. He has worked in Sales, Engineering and Quality at injection molding facilities. Project management has been the major focus of Tony’s career. Having spent time working for an OEM and Injection molders he understands our customer’s needs and is able to clearly communicate with everyone involved in a program. He has completed Paulson and RJG training that are the foundation to his processing skills. Tony continues to enjoy his involvement in engineering, design and processing and looks forward to working with your team to produce world class injection molded parts.

Ron Kellough

(270) 844-9664

Ron has been involved in the plastic industry for 49 years. He has encompassed the entire business by starting as an Injection Molding operator and eventually working his way into a Plant Manager position. Much of Ron’s career however, has been focused in the Quality area. Responsible for ISO implementations and working closely with OEM customers, he has helped to provide the highest standards of Quality and understanding of Customer Requirements. He has completed training in Statistical Process Control, GD&T Dimensional Training, Toyota Lean Management, Decoupling for Processing, Kaizen, 5S and ISO Auditor. Ron has brought to the Sunron Annex Management Team a wide knowledge and understanding of what it takes to be an exceptional Molder.


Renee Shoemaker

(270) 577-4944

Renee has been working in the plastic industry since 1981, starting at an Injection Molding one plant operation and eventually Managing Materials for 5 plants. Training areas includes Kaizen, 5S, ISO Auditor and Supply Chain Management. She also was part of several Management Teams, implementing Operation/Financial Computer systems and ISO Quality standards at all plants. Working closely with OEM customers during her career, has given Renee expert knowledge of what is required and expected to be able to provide Quality Parts and Service to all of Sunron’s customers.

Sunrise Team


Frankie Honeycutt

CNC Manager

Frankie has been in the Tool & Die industry since 1987. He joined Sunrise Tool & Die in 1990 as an apprentice and completed his apprenticeship in 1992.

Tim Sauer

Design Engineer

Tim is the design Manager at Sunrise Tool & Die

He Started at Sunrise in 1994 with an associate degree in tool engineering technology from ITT.

Joey Payne

Shop Foreman

Joey has been with Sunrise Tool  & Die since 1990 and has been the Shop Foreman since 2000.

Randy Alvey

EDM Manager

Randy has been in the tool & die industry since 1979, starting as an apprentice out of high school. He worked in Aluminum Die Casting for over 14 years as a Journeyman Tool & Die Maker. He made the move to plastic and was hired full time by Sunrise Tool & Die, Inc. in 1993.