SunRon is Your International Partner for Global Plastic Injection Mold Building Resources.


Formed in 2006, SunRon International was established to meet the competitive pricing and quality needs of our customers in a changing plastic injection mold building industry. By building partnerships in low cost countries, SunRon is able to effectively manage tooling projects from design to production. SunRon sales engineers support your team as project managers. Our experienced team of experts ensure mold building projects, whether built domestically or by overseas partners, are completed in a timely manner while meeting the highest quality standards. SunRon has the expertise to oversee your projects through all phases of the manufacturing process: Concept, design, production, inspection and delivery. As an extension of your engineering department, your company will be able to accomplish more without having to add additional staff.

SunRon International works with international tool shops to ensure customers receive the best value on high quality international injection molds. We are not a broker. We manage internationally built tools in the same manner as domestic built molds. Our global production partners are investigated and vetted thoroughly by SunRon professional tool builders and engineers. We oversee all phases of the manufacturing process: Concept, design, production, inspection and delivery.

SunRon works with multiple Asia injection mold builders including China injection mold shops. SunRon closely examines the Request For Quote (RFQ) to find the best tool shop for the project. Upon receiving the order, our engineers create a DFM (Design For Manufacturing) to look for problem areas such as draft issues using 3-D models. After making necessary corrections, SunRon completes the mold design based on customer specifications and the mold design is sent to the customer for approval. Upon agreement, the mold construction begins. The tool is sampled overseas and for quality assurance, measurement reports are submitted with the sample parts.  After parts are approved, SunRon takes delivery of the completed tool at its domestic facility. The plastic injection mold is then prepared and cleaned. Using an in-house plastic injection press, sample parts are produced and examined.  Upon final approval, the tool is shipped to the customer. SunRon Sales Engineers offer continued support, including on-site, as needed by the customer.

Sunron International, LLC guarantees quality in every tool delivered.


The owners, Darrell and Lorna Littrell, attribute the growth and success of the business to many factors, especially the pride and satisfaction that the workplace has in seeing that Sunrise Tool & Die, Inc. builds first-class molds.

Sunrise Tool & Die, Inc., was founded March 1, 1989. Its focus, at that time, was to repair molds and dies for the plastics industry. Over time, the customer base broadened and the company began building new molds, as well as continuing to serve its customers by repairing molds. The company has outgrown two locations and is presently located at 1333 Commonwealth Drive in the Henderson, KY Corporate Park on a 10-acre site designed for future expansion.

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